Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

People give a lot of importance to cleanliness and prefer to live in places which are environmental friendly. The pollution in our surroundings is rapidly causing global warming and damage to the environment. Over the last decade, great focus has been laid on cleaning the environment from harmful pollutants. This list mentions the top 10 cleanest countries in the world. This top 10 list is compiled on a research study by Yale and Columbia, who measured cleanliness and environmental friendliness of countries across many variables.

Check out the list of Top 10 Most Cleanest Countries.





To start off the the cleanest countries list, we have Singapore. Singapore has really risen in the past couple of decades and is now of the cleanest and safest countries to live in.  The crime rate of this safe country is also low. Apart from being one of the safest countries, Singapore is also on the list of the safest countries in the world.

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