Top 10 Most Popular Bands

8. U2

Top 10 Most Popular Bands

U2 is one of the best bands of all time. It is very popular nowadays as well. U2 has a great lineup of band members, led by the versatile, Bono. Their songs have prominently featured in many famous movies and TV shows. Very recently, the hit movie The Great Gatsby, had a cover song of U2’s Love is Blindness by Jack White. Even after the band stopped producing new music, it is very popular among listeners.


  1. ColdPlay is one of my favorite. Usually, I go for shopping there for my friend.

  2. Well, I guess I am officially old. I have never heard of half of these bands, and most of the ones I have heard of do not make what I consider to be music.

  3. The wanted are not better than one direction

  4. Wanted are far better than the one direction….The quality of musics is classic…and lyrics are amazing….

  5. damn i thought hollywood undead would be number one

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